Why do I need X-rays?
They provide your dentist with an overall look at your teeth including their condition, their roots, jaw placement and your facial composition bones. Other findings seen on an X-ray can include:

  • Presence or degree of gum disease
  • Absences and abnormal growths
  • Cysts, tumors
  • Exact location of unerupted teeth
  • Can pinpoint exact locations of cavities and other signs of disease

How often do I need to have an X-Ray taken?
For new patients, a full set of mouth X-rays are used to evaluate oral health status and for future comparison. Follow-up patients may require X-rays to monitor their gum condition or their chance of tooth decay.

Should I be concerned about exposure to radiation?
There is minimal exposure to low level radiation used in dental X-rays which makes the risk of harmful effects very small. Your dentist has been trained and is ready to tailor radiographic schedules to each patient’s individual needs.

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