Attached you will find a link to a 5 minute YouTube video created by Dr Sonny Spera specifically for you and yours.

We want to inform you of some of the things we are doing at Progressive Dental during the current situation in our communities.

  1. We have cloud-based practice management software. This allows us to operate remotely and accurately 24/7. We can research any essential dental information, including X-rays, past appointments and findings, etc… so if you should reach out to us, we can speak accurately and timely about your past dental history.

  2. Accessible- all Doctors’ cell phones are listed below and can be reached at any time. (please list Dr’s and numbers here)

  3. We have created a video consultation service that is accessible from the website or the link below, all you need is a smart phone, tablet or computer that has a camera on it, for your comfort and safety should you need to “see” a doctor. The link is here.

  4. We are fortunate to have a small supply of necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). N95 masks and disposable gowns. If we cannot handle your situation remotely and as a last resort, we need to see you in person, we are capable.

  5. Medical masks- UHS has asked for anyone ready, willing and able to help, to please sew homemade masks. Their link which has directions on all that is here.

  6. We have supply of masks being shipped tomorrow that are level 3 masks and desperately needed at local ERs that we are going to donate to Lourdes, UHS- JC, Bing, Norwich, and Endless Mountain in Montrose.

  7. We are now capable to make a very small amount of N95 masks in our dental lab with our digital printer. Rose is working and has produced our very first homemade mask that will be donated!

  8. We are staying on top of this rapidly evolving situation. Each of the Doctors have a responsibility to monitor different sites for current and accurate information. We then discuss these updates daily so we are all informed and can be at our best at all times.

  9. Statistics are going to change dramatically (esp in NYS) over the next week as more tests are available and more people are being tested, the numbers will skyrocket. Last night we went from 15K to 21K overnight. This is expected but outlines the potential rapid spread. We ask you all to adhere to CDC, NYS, and PA recommendations to stay at home as much as possible and help flatten the curve. This should help us get through this time as safe and fast as possible. We personally recommend you stay connected to your loved ones through email, cell phones, facetime, social media etc… I hope you all have support systems that you can access, please use each other and support each other. We will get through this together.