UPDATE 3/31/ 2020: We were told our filtration system on our masks isn’t adequate to pass NIOSH testing for n95 masks by the Deputy Branch Chief of NIOSH department this morning, so it’s another bump in the road.. right now we are on hold and cannot pass them out as they are not qualified for medical personnel. As always no means “not yet” and we are continuing to work with others to find another solution. Right now the head of Uhs Occ Med dept has told us that they are sterilizing used n95 masks and then that material may be available to use as a new filtration system. We remain hopeful for a positive result. The good news that we were told by the NIOSH director is the supplies of n95 masks have dramatically improved and are being made much more available to all health care workers. We will still work on our solution in case this is not readily available in our communities. Down but never out, stay tuned!

Medical supplies are becoming scarce for healthcare workers across the state. Proper protective masks are at the top of that list. But, the shortage has some in community are getting creative.

Dr. Sonny Spera and his team at Progressive Dental have started 3D printing N95 capacity masks to be sent to local hospitals…

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