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Denise Chavez

We’re so happy to be able to give her the smile she deserves as the 2022 Mother’s Day Smile Makeover winner!

Denise was nominated by her daughter Shalene

My Mom is the most loving, caring, hardworking person I know. She raised 4 kids and now takes care of her grandkids. She never asks for anything in return and her greatest treasure is her family. She has taught me how to be a great mother just by example. Things haven’t come easy to her, she has always had to work hard for what she wants, and she appreciates the little things in life. I have admired her my entire life and always jump at the chance to do nice things for her because she is the most deserving, wonderful person. She has always been self conscious about her teeth, and it would be such a great gift to give her a smile makeover. I think it would boost her confidence very much!

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